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About Arcadian

We are a Fully Outsourced IT provider. We custom build Desktops, Servers, and Corporate Networks. We also design and host websites on Amazon's EC2 platform.


by Antonio Garza
"Very friendly and professional staff. Easily figured out what was wrong with my gaming rig and saved me a big of heart ache. Would easily recommend to those in need of PC help"

by John Kirscht
"Needed my computer fixed, and they fixed it not only at a reasonable price, but in a short period of time! Amazing staff and very friendly to work with. Will definitely recommend to all my family and friends."

by Dyne Oaks
"This was my first experience with Arcadian Computers. Jonathan walked me through various builds within my price range as well as the pros and cons for each one. I scheduled an appointment, which may or may not have been needed, and came into the shop with my parts in tow. Jonathan quickly got to work after verifying every part was there. He made sure to include me in the process as the machine was being assembled, letting me know what was being done along the way. The scope of this fact is professional as it makes you feel more like an assistant than someone who is in the way watching someone work. I would have no qualms suggesting people to this business as well as making return visits to the place should future needs arise."

by Karen Tant
"We are so very grateful to Arcadian Computers! Our computer had completely stopped working and we were terrified we had lost all our pictures from the last ten years. They worked so hard recovering basically all of our information and pictures allowing us to avoid the decision of having to pay an extensive amount of money to a send out service or loose all our treasured pictures... we could not be more relieved and grateful for their hard work!!! And then they went above and beyond to fix and answer all the questions and glitches that came up with the installment of a new hard drive! We are happy to have found them and would highly recommend them!"

by Brandon Spurr
"Highly recommend! Bought a used laptop from them that they hand picked, had them do some upgrades to it. Went to pick it up and it was love at first sight. These guys are awesome once again highly recommend, can't say that enough!"

by Kate Zabriskie
"I love these guys. I've ordered four custom-built machines from them. They know what they are doing. I can't imagine getting the same level of attention or service from a big-box store or online seller. Highly recommend."

by Anthony Yingling
"I cannot recommend these guys enough. I used to just go to websites like Cyberpower to get my new gaming rigs, but why, when there's Jonathan and Brian? I gave them my current computer specs, what I wanted to see out of my next build and a budget and they whipped up an amazing work of genius. My new system runs like a charm and it does exactly what I need it for. If you need a new computer, or even help with the one you have, these are the guys you need!!"

by Leah Strauss
"I have had the pleasure of doing business with Jon recently. I was having computer issues and he was able to diagnose and correct my failing hard drive. In the end, I decided to purchase a new computer, Jon was able to provide the type of computer that would best suit my needs. When the laptop arrived, he transferred all of my files (which is a lot) from my old computer to the new computer. Jon put the lingo in easy terms for me to understand. He didn't overcharge me and I am pleased with the work accomplished. I will definitely come back to this shop for all of my computer needs."

by Jackie Sayles
"For several years, we have counted on Arcadian Computers to diagnose and fix problems we have encountered with our laptop computers. Whether the issue involved hardware, virus, or data recovery the guys at Arcadian have gotten us up and running in a timely manner at a reasonable price. Therefore, when my laptop finally became too old, too slow, too temperamental and ran out of storage, I stopped by Arcadian Computers to ask for a recommendation on a replacement. I had considered what was available at chain stores and on line, but after some discussion I opted to have the guys at Arcadian build me a custom laptop with solid state hard drive and lots of storage. Less than a week later I am the proud owner of a super-fast laptop with plenty of room for all my photos and music. All this, setup, and transfer of data from my old machine at a cost less than I would spent going through a chain store. I really appreciate the personal attention I receive at Arcadian Computers."

by Empire Graphics
"We use Arcadian Computers frequently! They help us out with whatever computer questions we have! Whenever our computers are acting up, or not working properly, we call Jonathan! He helps us out RIGHT away! If you need any help with your computers, whether it be a bug, or just uploading something small, Arcadian Computers is the way to go! 5 stars is not enough!"

by Cindy Barnes
"Jonathan and Brian are the best! Pleasant to work with and prices are reasonable! We highly recommend their services!"

by Jeff & Yvonne Harmon
"We have been dealing with Jonathan and Brian for the past couple of years. They are always professional and very knowledgeable. They recently built us a new PC that works great! I would recommend them to anyone who needs a new PC or a PC repaired."

by Sabrina Adams
"OMG!! Arcadian Computers to the rescue. Awesome company , reliable and trustworthy. Jonathan thanks for putting up with my ongoing questions and basically holding 101 classes in computer knowledge ...for Free! Brian and Jonathan are honest , professional and patient guys. I appreciate the entire staff on their expertise and knowledge of the on growing world of technology ..computers. I had been dealing with my Dell computer for several yrs. and lots of $$$$$. Jon and Brian master mindedly built my new computer . It is pink with purple lights!!!! and has never worked better. The speed , clarity and best of all "The Price was Right in my budget" I'm retired and that was a big concern . Arcadian Computers is close by my house and I live way in the boonies. I have already highly recommended Arcadian to several close friends and family. Thank you Jon and Brian."

by Michele H.
"Not only did they fix my laptop, they also fixed my tablet. The work is done quickly and the prices are reasonable. I will continue to use Arcadian for all my computer needs. Thanks"

by Vicki Shipp
"This company is so awesome and the owners, Brian and Jonathan are super! I am not a computer geek by any stretch and have recently had some issues with my computer. They were very friendly helpful, honest and reasonable. I am so glad to have a company that I can call on that is in my own town. I will be recommending these guys to all my friends!!!"

by Nadine Geier
"I orginally went to the Geek Squad at Best Buy to repair my computer. They wanted to charge me more than what the computer was worth to repair it and then I got a sales pitch on buying a new one. Arcadian Computers not only repaired my computer for a reasonable price, but they were also able to do it quickly and save my important documents. Thanks Jon and Brian."

by Chase Design Architects
"Excellent!! I first used Arcadia to fix my wife's PC with virus problems. Easy, right? Then I had a problem with my Mac running Windows 8 and Windows VP through Parallels. I called all over the metro area for a Mac repair service that could handle these software problems and found them in my back yard. The guys at Arcadia fixed all of the Mac's problem quickly, effectively and extremely cost efficiently. Even if you are not in the Southern Maryland area I would highly recommend Arcadia. They are well worth any drive."

by Tax Consultants of Maryland
"Arcadian has been extremely helpful with all of my tech needs. I consider myself relatively computer/tech savvy, however I do require computer/tech professionals when the task is beyond the scope of my knowledge. They are always up to the challenge and have solved all of my computer issues. They have also done a wonderful job creating and maintaining my website. They are always able to explain things in plain English which I very much appreciate."

by Colin Mably
"Over recent years I've probably visited most computer service companies in the La Plata/Waldorf area with very mixed results. So, it\'s been a real delight to have found Arcadia Computers almost on my doorstep. Jon and Brian a guys who really know their stuff and work with you to get things done and done well. They fixed a troublesome desk top for me (others could not) and then built me a custom machine that completely fits with my business needs at an affordable price. They explain complex processes in an understandable way, are highly efficient, very responsive, and a pleasure to do business with."

by Mrs. Brenda Conner
"Thanks to Jonathon and Bryan, my 8 year-old Dell Dimension 8400 is up and running again. We are fortunate to have them, because they are honest and affordable--and that is something these days!"

by Barnes Builders, Inc.
"Honest, trustworthy, affordable and excellent at what they do! We are so thankful for Jonathan and Bryan and Arcadian Computers, LLC!!"

by Mike Amerine
"I have a custom-built machine from Washington State; a very high-end liquid-cooled computer. Several months ago, I had a fitting leak and it cost me $100 just to send the machine back, under warranty, to get repairs. Imagine my dismay when I had another leak last week.However, this time, the repair shop said, "There is a computer shop just around the corner from you that can easily do this work if you'd like to have us pay for the repairs through them." I was a bit skeptical because a liquid-cooled computer isn't something you want to hand off to just any run-of-the-mill "repair shop". But, I also wasn't looking forward to the $100 and not having my machine for several weeks - so, I thought, okay, let's see....AMAZING! From the moment I walked in, the staff was friendly and courteous. They diagnosed the extent of the problem in a few hours and allowed me to take my computer back home for a couple of days while the parts were shipped. Once the parts arrived, I dropped the machine off after work on Friday and had a phone call by noon on Saturday that my computer was ready for me to pick up.I not only will continue to use them for future needs, I highly recommend them to others.."

by Bel Campbell
"Finally, first rate computer expertise and service, and in La Plata to boot! They were able and willing to fine-tune two young machines to do what they were originally meant to do; then they seemed downright happy to dive into a 14+ year-old custom-built relic to bring it to better-than-original performance at minimal cost. They've always been eager and able to answer my often obscure questions. It's been a long, long time since I've found anyone as utterly talented, honest, friendly, and immensely competent as these young men. What a relief! And it is a singular privilege to be able to recommend them to whomever else might neeed careful, proactive, straightforward value in computer systems services and repair. Kudos, guys, and my sincere thanks!"

by Sonya Perez
"When I met Jonathan and Bryan I was amazed at how knowledgeable they were at what they do, well enough to break it down to terms that I can understand. They saved me money as well, by giving me a few detailed key points about keeping my computer safe from viruses. There was no sales pitch. The only thing they would allow me to give them in return was the best form of advertising, which was to spread the word! I recommended my aunt and the company I work for and they will even come to your company! They are just genuine caring people that seem to love what they do, and love to help people in dealing with computers. They never made any type of hard or soft sales, they just listened, asked questions, and gave a response! Thanks a lot Jonathan for your quality customer service skills and efforts!!!"

by Barrett
"I was preparing to launch my new business right before New Years. To do that, I needed to get two of my laptops fixed, as I'd been putting it off for 2+ years on each. A search for computer repair showed Arcadian was right in my backyard, and they were doing one of their free diagnostic promotions the very next day! Jon and Brian fixed both laptops and even let me take them home while parts were being shipped. Prices were perfect for a small business budget and they got me on track to get started! Thanks guys. I'll be in to see you about a RAM upgrade soon."

by Ricky Hosier
"Jon and Bryan are two of the most knowledgeable well mannered people I have ever met in a computer shop. They will tell you whats wrong, how much it will cost, and the day it will be done sometimes before you even leave. Arcadian is definitely a place i will return and send others!"

by Stanley
"I went to the computer store with my laptop and a very old gateway computer. The store was very honest with me and very helpful. I asked them up front if it was even worth me trying to fix my very old computer and they were very honest with me and that is something I really valued. After I went to pick up my laptop that was fixed they explained to me exactly what had been fixed. After I logged off they wanted me to stay there until the upgrades were done and then logged out and back into my computer to make sure it was still working properly. The store was very friendly with me and professional. The day that the store promised me to have my problem fixed it was done. They called me and had my computer fixed when I expected it. So if you want a professional shop, friendly, honest and knowledgeable this is the place to go. I drove all the way from Oxon Hill, MD to the shop."

by Beth Campbell
"In the world we live in, shopping is often a click a UPS guy at the doorstep. I admit it, I've gotten sucked into that and may have continued if I hadn't of stumbled upon the wonderful guys at Arcadian. I had been saving up for a new gaming system for nearly a year and was a click away from making my purchase when I decided to see what I could find locally. Not only did I find a local shop that I can depend on for the life of my computer, but a pair of true professionals that I am happy to return to and recommend wholeheartedly! If you're in the area, give these guys a chance before going anywhere else!"

by Gail Fisher
"We now have a responsive and competent computer service in La Plata. Jon and Bryan of Arcadian Computers located near Ledo's Pizza rescued my files and transferred them to a new computer at a very reasonable cost. They answered my many questions and provided excellent advice and service. It is great to quickly establish a good working relationship with professionals with demonstrated skill and knowledge. They assess my limited knowledge accurately, rescued my work and instructed me with patience and good humor. Arcadian Computers is a great and essential new business and service in La Plata."

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Our Services

  • We Custom Build:
    • Business Desktops
    • Gaming Desktops
    • Creative Workstations
    • Virtualization Systems
    • Network Attached Storage
    • File and Domain Servers
  • Network Design and Optimization
  • Network Penetration Testing/Hardening
  • Virus Removal/Repair
  • Laptop and Desktop Repair
  • Software Data Recovery
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • General Laptop/Desktop/Server Diagnostics

Frequently Asked Questions

Our doors are open 9am to 3pm Monday - Friday for drop-offs and pickups; we answer calls and offer remote access service until 6pm.
Our diagnostic cost is $80 and normally goes toward fixing your computer.
No appointment neccessary for dropping off and picking up computers. You will need to schedule if you need time with a technician. Comfortable with Zoom and want to schedule a quick chat?
We do mostly repair and support. We order parts as needed but don't keep much in stock.
We are a Maryland eCycler and take old computers and monitors. No printers/CRTs please.
Yes! We are the remote IT department for many local businesses. Need IT support? Let's chat!
Our focus is on simple mobile first sites that we cloud host on Amazon. We prefer that you host with us to keep management easier for our small team, and we can migrate most sites to our platform without much trouble. Design minimum cost is $2000 for a 4 page/section site, and $500 extra for each additional page/section.

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